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Presidio Square

Presidio Square Apartment Owners and Management Association (AOMA) TOBY Award Property of the Year Winner 2011
Over 200 units

At Presidio Square “Details Make the Difference”
Presidio Square features luxury condo-style apartment homes, surrounded by a beautiful landscape filled with gazebos and courtyards. Each condo-style apartment offers a private entrance, attached garage, washer and dryer, gas fireplace, private balconies and much more. At Presidio Square we offer fantastic upgrades such as light fixtures and custom paint that will let you add a personal touch to your new home.


Mon, Tues, Wed 9am-6pm
Thursday 9am-6pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

Interior Garden 1B1 - 2 bedroom 2 bath — Image Availability/Pricing
Corner Garden 1B2 - 2 bedroom 2 bath — Image Availability/Pricing
Interior Garden 2B1 - 2 bedroom 2 bath — Image Availability/Pricing
Corner Garden 2B2 - 2 bedroom 2 bath — Image Availability/Pricing
Interior Penthouse 1A1 - 2 bedroom 2 bath — Image Availability/Pricing
Corner Penthouse 1A2 - 2 bedroom 2 bath — Image Availability/Pricing
Interior Penthouse 2A1 - 2 bedroom 2 bath — Image Availability/Pricing
Corner Penthouse 2A2 - 2 bedroom 2 bath — Image Availability/Pricing

Let me start by saying Presidio is awesome! For the time that we've been here, your management of the complex has been phenomenal! You have been more than accommodating for everything my sister and I have asked of you.
- Tierra & Tonique

Thank you for providing us with such a nice place to live for the last nine months. We have enjoyed staying here, as have our dogs.
-Mike & Donna

Thank you for 3 years of awesome service!
– Tony and Melissa

Brooke and everyone in the office have been great!
– Ben & Melissa

Of the 5 properties I visited, this young lady was the most charming...and, she even got my e-address out of me, and was the only one to do so, as I don't normally give it out! She was very conversational and engaged me fully. She asked a lot of questions, and was very charming.

Jessica and All,

Thank you so much for such a great time at your St. Patrick's Day party! It was fantastic!!!! I know, if/when I have to move, I will never have such a great group of people that I have come to know so amazing to rent from and I will miss you all dearly!!!! I don't get a chance often enough to enjoy your company but it was great, good communications and a lot of FUN! We need more of this....

Appreciate you all, very, VERY much!

Thanks to all the staff, maintenance and Mandel for such a beautiful living experience. You were great!
– Russell

Awww! Thank you SO much for how wonderful and helpful you've been!
To be honest with you I'm STILL thinking about it I just put $100 down
to hold the apartment.

Anyway, the point is there's no question I'll be thinking about
Presidio for sure. There's hardly another property I think I'll be
interested in for the future.
Thanks again for everything,Evan

Just wanted to say thanks for having our silverware drawer fixed so quickly! In less than 24 hours it was all fixed. Willie did a great job! Very nice guy and great craftsman.

We absolutely loved living here for the past 3 years. We can say this after 20 plus years of home-ownership prior to moving to the Milwaukee area from Michigan. Our apartment living experience at Presidio has been like living in a single family home in all important respects. Believe me, we were skeptical about the prospects. We appreciate the cooperation, responsiveness and caring provided by the property management and team of Presidio Square.

Last Saturday evening, about 9:30, I realized my refrigerator had died.

In my book, a warm refrigerator is a serious problem, but not a crisis – so I waited until Sunday, after the office opened, to report it.


I reported the problem to the office at 12:45 p.m. Sunday, and I had a different, working refrigerator in my kitchen – within 3 hours!!!! That is excellent service – and it wasn’t even a regular work day.

Again, thank you very much!

5401 West Presidio Lane
Milwaukee, WI 53223

Call 888-687-1421

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Presidio Square

5401 West Presidio Lane
Milwaukee, WI 53223

Call 888-687-1421

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