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BUILDER OF THE YEAR: Mandel Group Inc.
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At Mandel Group We're "Eco-Friendly".
What does that mean?

At Mandel Group we're committed to environmentally responsible real estate development in a way that far outpaces the "green" claims of companies today. It's important to us today and for the future — after all, residential and commercial buildings account for a whopping 43% of the energy consumed on our planet! Mandel Group's "Eco-Friendly" initiative is engineered to achieve not only environmental goals but also to enhance the livability of your new Mandel home. Here's how.


First Initiative: Energy Efficiency

Any environmentally-conscious developer needs to be serious about energy efficiency. At Mandel Group we're looking at all of the ways in which our buildings promote and incorporate energy efficient design and engineering. Our buildings include sophisticated heating and cooling systems using the highest efficiency equipment and state-of-the-art products. We pay special attention to the construction of our building enclosures and insist on the best window systems and insulation details. Within each home, we only use the most highly-rated Energy-Star appliances and thoughtfully incorporate new energy-efficient technologies such as LED lighting. It all adds up to produce the most energy-efficient homes available today.

Second Initiative: Indoor Environmental Quality

Your home's environment needs to be friendly to you, its occupant, as well as the environment. We place special emphasis on the three characteristics that define your environment -- acoustical separation, air quality, and lighting quality — resulting in total environmental comfort. Our homes are characterized by highly efficient wall and floor systems that defeat sound transfer; use of low-VOC paints and finishes together with high-efficiency air purification filters; and huge exterior window walls that transfer light between multiple rooms through the use of "borrow" and transom windows. The result is a home that is quiet, with incredible air quality, and plentiful soothing natural light throughout.

Third Initiative: Environmentally Responsible Building Materials

Today it seems as though everyone wants to say that their product is "green". What does this really mean? Is it "green" to transport solvent-impregnated bamboo flooring from China? Is it "green" if a building material suffers from a short lifespan? Is it "green" if the manufacturing process has no respect for environmental or labor standards? At Mandel Group we constantly evaluate building components to come up with the most responsible materials for your home. Our hardwood floors are harvested and milled in Wisconsin — 4 trees are replanted for every one that is cut. We use Kohler plumbing fixtures manufactured in Kohler, Wisconsin rather than transport fixtures from South America or China. And we emphasize sustainability — materials that are tough at the start and built to last. After all, longevity is one of the most environmentally responsible goals we can achieve.

Help us by becoming a more conscientious consumer. Ask your developer what they're doing to make their buildings more "eco-friendly". At Mandel Group we're already there, anxious to help you become more knowledgeable of what it truly takes to be "green".