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Available Retail and Commercial Space

We believe that a neighborhood is more than just a collection of buildings. Healthy neighborhoods should be living, breathing entities, offering public spaces, parks, convenient shops, stores and services that will enhance the lives of its residents.

At Mandel Group, we take not-so-nice real estate in the city and find its hidden "silk purse". From a single block or parcel to an entire neighborhood, we have reinvented areas in Milwaukee that were neglected, rejected or simply forgotten. We have transformed vacant lots, marginal old factories, and neighborhoods "on the fringe" into places that people now proudly call home. We’ve created walkable neighborhoods with sidewalks, storefronts, green spaces, public parks, riverwalks and marketplaces. Within these neighborhoods, you’ll find remarkable neighborhood retail space amongst the finest condominium and apartment homes in Milwaukee.

Believe in the city with us. At Mandel Group, we’re dedicated to developing strong neighborhoods. We offer an outstanding portfolio of retail and commercial space in both urban and suburban locations. Take this opportunity to make your business part of a vital neighborhood.