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Lakeside Square Site Plan
Lakeside Market Square site plan.
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Lakeside Market Square


Reach the entire South Shore marketplace from one convenient, centralized location - Lakeside Market Square. Benefiting from a Lake Drive address and an immediate connection to the Lake Parkway via Howard Avenue, Lakeside Market Square is the best location for serving the local residential market as well as reaching a broader destination retail market. The neighborhood of Lakeside Market Square includes significant new high-end residential development along the river. A tax increment district sponsored by the City of St. Francis has been formed to fund streetscape and other improvements in the area, creating a truly unique retail environment.

Lakeside Market Square boasts ample off-street parking and a pedestrian-oriented plan that allows shoppers to "park once" while shopping the center. Based on the town center concept of new retailing, Lakeside Market Square distinguishes itself from older retailing venues in the South Shore Market. This will definitely be THE place to locate your business for years to come.

Lakeside Market Square

Phone: 347-3600

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Lakeside Market Place